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  • Office maintenance

    Office maintenance

    Elegant service; How you want it, When you want it.
  • Interior Landscaping

    Interior Landscaping

    What about adding some Green Plants to your workplace?
  • Janitorial services

    Janitorial services

    The kind of Unique Excellent Service you can only find here.
  • floor care

    floor care

    We can provide the Solution that works Best to your need.
  • paintings services

    paintings services

    We can add Color to your office in any form.
  • janitorial and personal supplies

    janitorial and personal supplies

    We have What you need, all you need to do is ask
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Why Choose OfficeGreenCare

  • Reliable +

    You can fully rely on us and focus on what it is important most for your company.
  • Inexpensive +

    No, that is not true. Not always you need to pay a big money for an excellent service. We are affordable.
  • Green Products +

    We only use bio-friendly items. We care about Earth.
  • No Contract +

    You worry about contract? Smile, we have none. The quality of the service we provide is our credibility, therefore we require no contract.
  • Customer Service +

    Customer Service is a must. It is that simple.
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Contact Us

19-13085 Yonge Street
Suite 340
Richmond Hill ON, L4E 0K2
Phone: 416.628.6220
Fax: 416.900.1043

Customer Service